DIY Copyright Registration

Have you protected your brand's visual elements?

Copyright registration is a very inexpensive yet super valuable protection for your brand, blogs and other intellectual property.  Without registration, copyright protection is greatly lacking.

WITH registration, you have a stronger legal argument, statutory damage amounts and potential attorneys fees for infringement actions. That means compensation for use of your images & education on copyright law for others.

But in order for you to have the stronger legal argument, you need registration.

Registration is a standard cost-of-doing-business and is one that is so easy and inexpensive that it truly is not worth NOT doing.

It’s not a matter of IF your images or text gets ripped off. It is when. With the wide-spread internet use and lack of common copyright knowledge, companies are ripping off work and using in marketing.

What makes our courses different than others you may find?

  • All courses are lawyer-created
  • No recurring fees - just one time payment
  • Peace of mind as you protect your business
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Rachel Brenke is an active practicing lawyer for entrepreneurs who intimately understands laws that impact people just like you — making Rachel Brenke the best solution for your  contract templates.

She knows the proper legal and strategic items to include in your contract so you’re protected + offering customer service + setting expectations.

DIY Copyright Registration

You will learn the following:

  •  Copyright 101
  • How to register your copyright
  • Copyrighted works usage
  • Tips for enforcement against infringers
  • Other necessities
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Amy Bushatz, Writer & Podcaster

Thanks to Rachel Brenke I know not only the importance of protecting my brand for my future, but have the know-how and tools to make it happen. 

Kitty Case, Health Coach

Unlike other course makers who say success is just around the corner, Rachel actually makes it attainable.