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146: Create Your 2021 Business Plan in 10 Minutes

Jan 01, 2021

CREATE YOUR 2021 BUSINESS PLAN IN 10 MINUTES Now that we can see light at the end of the 2020 tunnel, let’s shift our focus to creating your fail-proof business plan for 2021.

A major one thing I see yearly around this time is business owners excited for the new year (yay!) but…
..they OVER THINK the steps to getting their business plan structure in place.
This episode kicks off my 5-episode series of business strategy planning for a rocking 2021!
Normally this is where people say “Don’t take it from me”…but I WANT you too. I’ve built my businesses from $300 per month to shattering 7 figure ceiling.
Let’s do this!
Spoiler: you don’t need an MBA, or twelve 15-hour days to make one that is right for your business. All you need are these four tips:
1. Create a client avatar

Make a list of characteristics of your ideal client. What do they like? How do they shop? Refer to episode 12 for more in-depth info on creating an avatar.

2. Evaluate your USP (unique serving position)

What is it that makes you unique. What can your clients get from you that they can’t get from someone else?

3. Create a list of all your offerings

This list can include products, services, etc. Go through your list and identify best sellers. Also, identify those products that didn’t do as well as you were hoping by putting an X next to them.

4. Simplify

Create a new list with the X’s from the last step. Do any of them bring you joy? If not, go ahead and remove them. The, with the ones that are left, think through how you are offering them. Perhaps it’s the marketing that needs improvement. Perhaps it didn’t catch the attention of your intended audience, or maybe the intended audience wasn’t the right one.

After going through these four steps in a thoughtful manner, you’ll have a 2021 business plan that will keep you on track, and help you grow your business and success.


  • Create Client Avatar [6:06]
  • Evaluate your USP (unique serving position) [7:00]
  • Evaluate your current offerings [8:43]
  • Simplify [9:12]

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