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148: Marketing Made Easy with Avatar Identification

Jan 04, 2021

Episode 148 on the Business Bites Podcast

One of the most important things you can do for your business is to ID your ideal client (or consumer avatar.)Knowing my avatar helps create a foundation for everything I do in my business - from writing a social media post, producing this podcast, speaking at a public engagement, taking on a client, and more.

When you do not identify your avatar you'll find yourself screaming to an entire room of people - many of which are not your ideal client - and spending thousands of extra dollars advertising to the wrong crowd. You're not going to have the quality connections. You're going to waste resources and waste time and energy trying to scream out to the masses. And sadly, you will soon find yourself burned out and frustrated with your business.

Instead, take a moment to dream up your avatar. This will serve as the base audience you're trying to reach and can be tailored for the different products/services you offer. What do they look like?  How old are they?  What do they do on the weekends?  Do they have kids?  Go ahead and give them a name. I call mine "Jane." Your "Jane" will serve as your target audience. This doesn't mean you disregard anyone who doesn't fall into your perfect "Jane", but you are focusing on Jane, and if you catch an Erin while you're looking for Jane, that is okay!  Having a blueprint of your ideal consumer helps keep you focused on those who will want to hear what you have to say.

One of my favorite ways to identify someone as my ideal client is to run ads including a photo of me in ripped jeans, a pair of heels, and a black blazer jacket making a funny face. This is a visual representation of myself - creative lawyer and entrepreneur - it conveys emotion, but it also repels people that would not be interested in my type of personality. Do you see what I did there? I cut out the noise created by people who aren't interested in what I offer.

Now that you have an example of my client avatar and an idea of your own, let's grab a pen, a notebook (you're going to need one for this journey we're on!) and your favorite drink.  

Create your consumer avatar: 

  • Intro to consumer avatar [4:12]
  • Visualize your ideal consumer [5:18]
  • Identify where you ideal consumer is online [8:37]
  • Example of how to use consumer avatar ID in your business [10:21]

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