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149: Evaluating Your Unique Serving Proposition

Jan 11, 2021

Episode 149 on the Business Bites Podcast

Talking to everyone is talking to no one. Offering everything is offering nothing. Welcome back! To kickstart the new year, I’m continuing this entrepreneurial series, which accompanies my RealBiz Accelerator program and sets out to help you create a business plan that hones in on foundational basics, is easily implemented, and successfully strategized, so that you can thrive and not just survive. You’ve heard about identifying your consumer avatar, and today’s episode deals with the next step in the formula: evaluating your unique serving proposition. Tune in to find out what the difference is between selling and serving, how to become the “go-to” business in your industry, and the value of simplifying your offering, as well as understanding how to help and empower your consumers. Let’s get started!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Importance of reinforcing and revisiting business foundations annually.
  • Evaluate your unique serving proposition, with an emphasis on serving.
  • Find out how I became the “go-to” for legal resources in the photography industry. 
  • Imagine your business and marketing like a huge boulder – start smaller.  Be specific.
  • Simple Formula = consumer avatar + unique serving proposition + simplified offering + packaging it to a theme.

Mentioned in this episode:

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