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150: Simplify Down to Scale Up

Jan 18, 2021


Episode 150 on the Business Bites Podcast

Let’s be real.  Life can be hard at times.  You never know what type of curveball is heading your way.  But business. . .business should be simple.

Your audience wants a certain product or offering, and you give it to them. It really is that SIMPLE.  We often think we need to work ourselves to death, have an abundance of offerings, and never take a break.  This is not the way.  Too many offerings can confuse your audience, and drive you, and your team, crazy!

When I first started my business, I wanted to help everyone. I wanted to offer everything.  Guess what?  I wasn't reaching anyone.  This is when I had to pivot.  I needed to narrow my offerings and not worry about polarizing people.  In fact, I needed to learn to embrace it. Repeat after me:  I will not attract everyone.  I cannot offer everything. STOP: If you haven't already, go listen to Ep148 & Ep149 to create your Client Avatar and develop your Unique Serving Proposition, before you jump in to learning to SIMPLIFY! You must focus on what your current clients want, while also attracting new people that fit YOUR avatar and fit your unique serving proposition.  Take a look at everything you offer, paid or not, and determine whether it fits your USP and is appealing to the clients you want to reach. Realistically, we can’t serve everyone and make everyone happy.  In the end, you must serve YOUR purpose, and by doing this, you’ll see your client list grow because you’re finally connecting with your ideal audience.        

Learn how to simplify your business to scale up:
  • Fight the Fear of Polarizing People [4:41]
  • TheLawTog Case Study [5:55]
  • How do I Simplify? [9:42]
  • Busyness is Not Business [11:42]

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