Hi! I'm Rachel Brenke!

I'm a multi-faceted entrepreneur, business strategist and intellectual property attorney.

For the TLDR (too lazy didn't read version), it all started with a cancer diagnosis and $300 and now I am a 7-figure CEO of multiple businesses helping entrepreneurs. 


Cancer, waiting tables, and throwing away a corporate career


Before I authored 7 books and hosted a top-ranked business podcast.

Before I had my best months ever during a pandemic and could manage virtual learning from home.

I just wanted a real business so I could have a real life.

I didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family.

In fact, I didn’t even know what owning a business meant.

I just knew I wasn’t made for a cubicle farm or a 9-to-5.

Even my family and friends were skeptical about being my own boss.

Lack of stability, threat of financial ruin, and a waste of time.

For a little bit I worked corporate jobs, including an esteemed position at the United States Attorney General’s office.

But the reality was this. I was climbing the “success” ladder but I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t accomplishing my goals, my dreams, or even getting to see my family.

I felt this immensely when I got the call I had cancer. I sat on the floor and just stared at my toddler.  I vowed then, if I went into remission, I’d quit screwing around and get the real biz + life I wanted.

I. was. done.



I nixed it all and started an online business…

But my family needed the money and $300 a month from my online shop while I still had business costs wasn’t helping us.

I put the iron to the sharpener. I stayed home during the day with our son and worked on business during nap-time. I went to wait tables at a local steakhouse at night. 

My tips barely helped support our family and being away in the evenings wasn’t the real life I wanted.

Taking this leap forced me to quickly grow my apparel store to multiple-brands, consistently cranking out 7-figures, international speaking opportunities, and providing employment for over 12 individuals.

And I did it while still getting to be a mom, compete on Team USA, and live a real life.

I’m tired of seeing so many online coaches and mentors who preach success, but ignore the fact that in order to be successful, you have to hustle.

This culture is toxic. And it needs to stop. That’s where I come in.

I realized I wanted a REAL LIFE, plus a real business.


I knew you could have both without giving up the other.   I had gone head-first into entrepreneurship without a plan or help. At this time, we didn’t have the plethora of freemium information like what is available now.  So, I learned it all on my own.

And this was the best way to do it.

I now have multiple thriving businesses, am a mom to five kids and compete with Team USA. 

I am living my real biz, real life dream.